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Starting A Shrimp Farm - What Should You Know?


Shrimp farming is rapidly growing in popularity and people all over the world are venturing into this type of farming at an alarming rate. However, it is absurd that most people are venturing into the activity without undertaking any research to have a clue of what the farming entails. Before starting a shrimp farm, there are basics that should be at your fingertips. One of the basics that you should be aware of is that shrimp grow in brackish or salty water. Some people who are not aware of this fact end up carrying out the farming in freshwater and encounter enormous losses. If you are looking to grow freshwater prawns, that is another story altogether and is certainly achievable.

Have you ever asked yourself the number of eggs laid by a female shrimp on a daily basis? Knowing this will be a motivating factor for you to venture into the farming. The number of eggs laid by a female shrimp ranges between thousands and millions and it takes approximately 24 hours for the eggs to hatch. Nauplii refer to the name of a hatched shrimp. It takes approximately 12 days for the Nauplii to grow into young shrimps. There are farms that put Nauplii or post-larvae in shrimp nurseries prior to transfer to ponds that are grown out. This just indicates how it does not take long before the farmer starts reaping the gains of the farming. Shrimps are harvested on a yearly basis and can be done so as much as 3 times annually in zones with tropical climate and where the temperature of water is considerably high.

To harvest shrimps, one can either use a net (net-fishing) or completely drain the pond. You can use minimum intervention to grow shrimps or employ ultra-high technology. With these concepts in mind, starting a shrimp farm can be the best idea to enter the competitive farming market. There is a vast pull of information on shrimp farming found on the internet and it calls for a bit of research to grasp the idea behind the farming activity.



The Global Shrimp Market and How Shrimp Farms are Gaining in Numbers


Shrimp is one of the most popular and one of the most valued seafood selections in the world. The annual record for world production of farm culture shrimps and wild harvest amounted to approximately 3,000,000 metric tons with an estimated production value in excess of almost $12 billion. It is not one of the largest fisheries in the world but it is one of the most valuable because of its high demand on the industry.

In the United States, the 1999 imports from shrimp farms represents 18.8 percent of the total imports of the U.S. and almost 35 percent in total value. In other countries, shrimp farming gained more demand than wild shrimp farming.

Shrimp production continues to increase through aquaculture farm operations while most of the fisheries in the world are experiencing maximum sustainable production. Shrimp aquaculture continues to grow steadily even if the there are adverse conditions and new challenges that a lot of shrimp farmers experience. Way back in 1988, shrimps represented almost 40.6 percent of the total production of shrimps in the world and it increased to almost 49.4 percent in 1998.

Shrimp farms are continuously gaining in numbers worldwide. This is because the demand of shrimps is extremely high and the worldwide production today is not enough to cover all the demands of the consumers. A lot of people tend to enter this industry because they can see that they can really benefit in starting farms for shrimps. From 1988 to 1998 the production of shrimps greatly increased because people tried to make their own farms and export shrimps on the global market.

The shrimp industry is growing steadily and it is a good sign for the world shrimp supply. The demands of the consumers will be provided if it continues to rise. However, this industry is changing rapidly with expansion to other countries, increasing use of intensive farming and the use of formulated feeds or artificial feeds. Because of the continuous and increasing demand for shrimps, traditional food markets look for news sources and methods to provide the demand of the consumers. The continuous demand for shrimps will depend on the quality and safety of the product.

Shrimp farmers must be aware of the regulatory expectations in their countries where the shrimp that they raised will be sold and consumed. The demand of shrimps and the continuous consumption of consumers will depend on the quality and safety of these products.



Title: Shrimping is Big Business

Most people don't realize just how much shrimp is consumed annually and how big of a global business "Shrimping" really is.

Americans alone consume more than 1 Billion pounds of shrimp per year, which comes out to over 4 pounds per person annually. That's a lot of shrimp! So, where does it all come from. It's interesting really. The Gulf of Mexico supplies about 25% of the national consumables and the rest is largely imported from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Ecuador and Brazil - just to name a few.

The U.S. supply of wild catch shrimp from the gulf has taken a huge hit due to the BP Oil Spill this Spring and it's predicted that the shrimping grounds off the southern gulf states may be closed for many years to come. The latest estimate of damages to the fishing industry from the spill range at almost $3 Billion dollars.

So, how are we going to make up for this "shrimp deficit" and meet the demand of millions of hungry Americans that love shrimp? Well, there has been a lot of talk recently of a surge in the start-up of Shrimp Farms to meet some of this demand and it's rather ingenious. Seafood aquaculture has been getting a lot of attention lately and a vast majority of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is farmed shrimp anyway. Why not actually "farm" the Shrimp here as opposed to overseas?

There are several things that one would need to take into consideration before jumping in and starting a shrimp farm however. Just a few are the land requirements and equipment of course. Getting some aquaculture knowledge and education couldn't hurt either and a good handle on the industry as a whole. It does come down to more than just scooping some shrimp out of a pond. There are things such as marketing to consider and well as organizations that good to affiliate with.

Shrimp farming is, without a doubt, an exploding industry and certainly ripe with opportunity in the face of the Gulf disaster. The price of shrimp has risen dramatically since the fishing grounds were closed and there is no sign of relief to those price hikes - a definite signal that some new suppliers are needed. With a proper plan, anyone with fishing, farming, or just plain good learning experience can make their mark here.


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